About CT Defense

Three generations. That’s how long CT Defense has been making rugged and versatile vehicles. That’s no accident.

CT Defense is an international company specializing in high-tech mobile units that efficiently, immediately, and innovatively support our clients’ different needs.

We follow the change in the industry’s objectives, challenging from conflicts and disasters to breakthrough efforts, as a rock-solid option to support any operation.

We don’t build 40+ variations of vehicles; we build one incredible platform that serves 40+ purposes.

We have the experience, creativity, and adaptability to design, manufacture, mobilize, and operate our specialty vehicles anywhere in the world.

Our goal is to integrate high-end technology through a multidisciplinary team formed by designers, architects, engineers and specialists of diverse sectors who develop, and manufacture ergonomic and functional units that solve the challenges our clients want to tackle.

The Factory

The technology produced in our multi-venture factory necessitates the highest quality standards.

That means we can customize any vehicle to your specific needs. We can integrate nearly any technological innovation that you see fit, because every piece we put in, every bedroom we install, every mobile medical unit we mobilizations was made from a specialized hight-tech and engineering design.