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If you serve others in times of crisis, or in terms of commerce, you need a mobile solution that is dependable. Have the necessary tools and resources available anytime, anywhere with a CT Defense vehicle.

Our turnkey Mobile Command Units are ready for deployment. Our Mobile Medical Units are specialized as sterile, standalone facilities—designed to face pandemic or disaster. If you require something more specific, our platforms are fully customizable. Whatever the challenge, we can manufacture a solution.

Mobile Medical Unit
New - Covid-19 Emergency Version

In response to the current Corona Virus Pandemic, CT Defense is outfitting Mobile Medical Units for COVID-19 Emergency Teams worldwide.

The flexibility of a modular solution and the life-saving power of a state-of-the-art hospital, all-in-one. When medical care is needed in hard to reach places — when local hospitals are overrun due to a pandemic — our Mobile Medical Units provide all the amenities of a standing structure with the freedom to move at a moment’s notice.

Mobile Command Unit

A time-tested solution. For a decade and counting, CT Defense has manufactured heavy-duty mobile bases for forward operations in geographically remote areas. These military-grade units expand bi-directionally, doubling their interior space. Their potential applications extend beyond the military — they are used as Wildland Firefighting barracks, Oil Pipeline security control room, Rapid Response command centers, and so much more.

What the specialists say

Testimonials and insights by renowned professionals.

"More than just separate structures providing extra capacity, he said, intermediate infection hospitals could offer an effective and overarching strategy of training staff in infection control and diverting patients who need intermediate care for infectious diseases like covid-19 and influenza away from main hospitals full of other vulnerable patients."

Carl Heneghan

Director - Center of Evidence Based Medicine


"In a critical time of public health emergency, this highly innovative concept offers a truly mobile medical unit that can be used to evaluate, and if necessary, isolate and treat newly infected COVID-19 patients. The unit can respond instantly and move to areas of high demand and can serve as a multifunctional medical unit as needs arise and change."

Dr. Thomas Quinn

Director - Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health


"There were countless times in my military career when we urgently needed the mobile capabilities provided by CT Defense – to respond in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita when I commanded Fort Polk LA; during
contingency operations in Panama; to support stability operations in the Balkans; and, to command and control combat operations in Iraq."

LT. General Michael D. Barbero

Retired Lieutenant General US Army Infantery

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