Our Solutions

Expandable, fully equipped vehicles to house your team anywhere — no matter the challenge.

Whether you are a military official, a public servant, a doctor, a driver of industry, a scientist doing field research far from developed cities, or anything in between, CT Defense has a solution for your organisation.

Mobile Medical Unit

An island in a storm. The Mobile Medical Unit is a state-of-the-art hospital anywhere—a simple, elegant solution to increased medical demand—for situations where standing medical infrastructure is out of reach. With a myriad of options available, this is a turnkey solution capable of sheltering up to 12 patients and a full team of specialists, doctors, and nurses to care for them. 

Mobile Command Unit

A fully functional mobile base consisting of two complimentary vehicles. The Command Center houses your team, while the Kitchen and Self Care truck ensures that they are clean, comfortable, and charged with all the nutrition they need to execute at a high level. When you arrive on location, each vehicle easily expands bi-directionally providing an expansive, ergonomically maximized space.

Other Applications

A great value to many organisations

Initially designed for the Military & Rapid Responds Teams in remote locations, our mobile solutions are not limited to these two. Our Mobile solutions can also make a huge difference for remote teams active in the Petrochemical industry, Heavy construction work, Mining, Scientific research and Nature preservation. 

The possibilities go as far as your imagination can stretch!

A custom solution to your mobile needs.

We are able to fully design and equip your vehicle to your custom needs. Our expertise in design, and our quality and flexibility in manufacturing makes our mobile operation centers simply superior.

CT Defense Units have more space, better comfortability, the highest quality furnishings and finishings and are equipped with the latest technology. When you’re far from home, don’t sacrifice a thing.