Mobile Command Unit

Forward Operations

Food, shelter, and equipment — a mobile base anywhere, anytime.

The Mobile Command Unit is your full-support solution to any forward operation. Whether you are fighting a raging wildland fire or staving off enemy troops, this is the rugged, trusted mobile base you need to achieve your goals.


Designed for forward operations, the self contained mobile forward operating bases consists of two totally integrated state of the art units designed to work in tandem for operations and communications aimed at different kinds of missions.

Thanks to their expansion technology and autonomy, these unique tactical vehicles are adaptable and flexible while providing a forward operations platform with accomodation for up to 33 personnel off the grid for up to 20 days or longer.

Unit 01 Command Center & Housing

Command Center

The Command Center features a workstation area and a situation room. The rooftop vigilance post includes a searchlight that can be used to stun in hostile situations and It can be activated in emergency mode, which allows it to operate independently from the rest of the vehicle.


Dormitory that includes 20 beds, 2 armories, 33 lockers, tv entertainment screens, air purification system, main entrance and five emergency exits combining comfort and security, so each team member could keep on with their duty accomplishment.

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Unit 02 Kitchen & Self Care

An industrial kitchen that follows you anywhere, hygienic upkeep prioritized, and comfortability ensured. With water and fuel storage, multiple dozens of personnel can live completely off the grid for weeks at a time.

Both sections operate autonomously and protracted thanks to its powerful eco friendly generator, which powers everything necessary to supply 33 personnel along with a watertank holding 2 x 300 gallons of fresh water.

Kitchen Section

Industrial kitchen comes equipped with everything necessary to supply the nutritional needs of its personnel.

Self Care Section

5 Shower Stalls, 5 Toilets, 5 Wash Basins.

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Mack Defense Granite Heavy Tractor

  • Built on a proven heavy duty platform Mack Granite, #1 seller for its class in 2016
  • Triple traction (6X6) all wheel drive designed for the most difficult to access terrain.
  • Automatic transmission that will allow easier handling.
  • Access to Mack Dealer service network
  • Granite is currently on GSA and DLA contracts

We have currently
2 Mobile Command Units in our warehouse which are ready to deploy.


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