Mobile Medical Unit

A state of the art modular and advanced response vehicle.

The Mobile Medical Unit is an equitable solution to a societal need. If patients can’t always reach a traditional hospital, bring the hospital to them. With capacity for up to a dozen patients, HEPA filtered climate control, sanitization airlock, and so much more, this is the state-of-the-art solution that modern healthcare demands. Welcome to the future of medicine — welcome to the first-of-its-kind CT Defense Mobile Medical Unit. 


The Mobile Medical Unit is designed to save lives in an increasingly unpredictable world. All the most up-to-date hospital amenities are accounted for. Enough water and generator power to last two full days in an emergency truly sets the unit apart as the solution of the future. 

Expandable Design

While travelling, CT Defense Mobile Medical Unit is 8ft wide. Once set up, it measures 15’9” wide. This unique patented expansion feature nearly doubles the usable space and allows for quick and easy set-up.
Thanks to CT Defense advanced engineering, when the sides are expanded, the floor is able to remain flat and level. The patented electrically-powered Hydraulic Expansion System opens with the push of a button.


Covid-19 Emergency Version

The Mobile Medical Unit provides a host of amenities. One of the most important is the 633 square feet of completely isolated clinic space. In addition, there are 12 separated beds with provisions to support individual monitors and medical headboards that allow complete customization per bed. 

The unit also offers a conveniently placed nurses station that allows monitoring of all patients. Waste can be taken care of via designated hazardous material chutes located on both ends of the unit.

Key features

• Ready to rapidly deploy, 12 bed capacity, plug and play unit
• Sanitization spray/washdown at entrance
• HEPA filtered climate controlled clinic environment
• Proprietary germ-free entrance/exit flow design
• Sterile negative pressure clinic conditions
• Separated nurses’ station
• Patient triage area
• Two day emergency standalone capacity
• Tier 4 diesel generator
• Fresh/gray water tanks with 2 day capacity
• Built with antibacterial hospital-grade aseptic materials
• Optional turnkey service
• Restroom facility and shower
• Can be deployed within 2-4 hours upon arrival at destination

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Options & Configurations

Is your area prone to natural disasters? Is a pandemic necessitating an ICU rather than a traditional clinic? Are you a state official concerned about hospital overflow or quarantining highly contagious patients?  Are you interested in acquiring a remote medical center for your private estate? Our partners can source the specific equipment that you need — respirators, defibrillators, patient monitors, ventilators, x-ray machines, exactly what you require — and set-up the Mobile Medical Unit accordingly.